Anonymous: how would u describe your style ?

Depends how I feel, can change from classy to casual ghetto hahaha nah I’m like 50 percent Rosie huntingtons style and 50 percent cara’s style, ya know what I’m sayin

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Anonymous: Hi I just found you! You're beautiful and so is your blog. If you don't mind I would like to know If your vegan and if your weight has ever been a problem? Have you always been so lean and skinny?

I’m vegan atm, but having trouble with eating out when I’m vegan because where I live they don’t do vegan meals!
And I’ve always been fit and active so no I don’t have a problem with my weight xx

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Anonymous: Kiss me lani and we can both live our dreams!

Hahhaha oki

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Anonymous: lani would you ever go out with a girl?

Mmm I definitely want a boyfriend but i don’t wanna die without kissing a girl or two hahah I wanna be a little wild

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Anonymous: why do I get this sick feeling every time im around my crush like im going to puke

I get that feeling as well!! I think it’s your brain telling you you’re not ready maybe? I’m not sure… Don’t worry though :)

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Anonymous: What do you prefer, kylie's or Kendall's style? X

Hmm kendalls

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vanilla-kites: are you doing MSFW!?!?!?!

Noooope I’m not!

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Anonymous: Fast walking or jogging for slimming body and legs?? ps your a beauty xx

If you don’t want much muslce I suggest fast walking with a healthy diet xx

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higgy22: Let me brush my face off, I saved you a seat.

Now that’s how you pick up a gal

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