Anonymous: Hey Lani, can you recommend me a thigh workout? Cause my calves are really tone while my thigh is not, I just want them to match, you know... Thank youuuu x

I love lunges :)

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Anonymous: I didn't get my period till I was 17 and it's fucked now hahaha I've just been diagnosed with PCOS google it!

Na I’m all good I rekon

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Anonymous: The storm modeling agency needs you

Hahaha no they wouldn’t want me

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tayalora: HAHA your answers always make me smile!! I love u

Hahahha I love you!

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Anonymous: Doesn't it freakk you out that most people you know will or/are having sex??

No couldn’t care less really hahaha

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Anonymous: My Heart is broken because of you :(

How did I break it??

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Anonymous: Sometimes you won't have a regular period because of your weight. If you're really light and extremely fit you won't get it. Most top athletes don't get their periods at peak fitness. I'm not 100% sure what the reason was as I was told a long time ago but you could google it?

Yeah I know that’s what the doctor told me :) but I’m 18 now and it’s gettin annoying coz I’ll never know when I get it hahaha like I could be swimming and then I just get it, that’s a scary situation

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Anonymous: Guess im too ugly for you to talk to

Why would you think that? I’m not shallow haha and please don’t call yourself ugly

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Anonymous: Please don't use queer as a joke it's a slur

Thought it meant weird hey

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