Anonymous: What's your Instagram?

@lanipratthedger :)

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Anonymous: Omg you are just so lovely! Thank you so much that's really helped me put a different perspective on everything! Bitch you should write a god damn book hahahah xxxxxxxxxxx

Haha awww you’re so cute nobody would buy a book I write bahaha but thanks :) xx

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Anonymous: i need your help lani. ive been feeling really alone lately, like i just want to give up on everything and just sleep all the time. ive lost all motivation and all relationships seem pointless and meaningless. any tips on how to get out of this rut? x

1. realise how blessed you are
2. Make yourself do something productive like go volunteer somewhere for a few hours even and do something that will help people in need (it’ll help you realise number 1)
3. Go for a really nice long walk/run, and crank some music and enjoy the little things

Don’t sit there and feel sorry for yourself, you need to do something about it and make yourself feel good again :) xx

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Anonymous: There's this girl in my grade and she's stunning! Absolutely perfect and has everything going for her! It's so unfair and it really lowers my self esteem..... I wish I was her, or someone beautiful like you Lani! x :(

Aww you really need to try and not compare yourself to others! Everyone is beautiful and if you compare yourself to everyone else you’re never going to feel good about yourself. Try and realise your own beauty :) this girl may be gorgeous but who says your not just as beautiful? You are just as beautiful! You are unique, embrace yourself :) xx

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OP my YouTube videos won’t upload!! (The good quality ones) hmm me dono y 😢
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Anonymous: Check out blogs?

Click like and I’ll sus ya blawg

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Anonymous: You kind of look like Hilary duff

Whattttt no! How hot is she tho Jesus

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