Anonymous: Fair play if happily just sit down the beaches with you for hours, maybe down on the old bath house ruins pier. I'd get a fire going and cook for you, whilst just listening to you chat and if you didn't feel like talking we could just sit there in silence and take in the view. You're such a lovely person. Don't change x

You’re so cute omg haha thank you :) made me smile

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Anonymous: If you ever come uk can we get high together? I'd make you cheesecake and we could go down to the beaches and relax.

Hahaha I wouldn’t actually get high myself but we can do that without the weed 😋

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Anonymous: Jellyfish - 1 Lani - 0 :(

Hahahaha sad face :( oh well things coulda been worse hey

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Anonymous: havent worked out in 4 days.. is that bad ?? xx

Nope :) sometimes you need a break, I wouldn’t suggest going too much longer though x

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Anonymous: Have you kissed anyone yet?


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krisswitling: hey lani :) I was wondering do you stretch before workout? And if you do what exercises contains your stretching :)

I tend to do a little stretch before and a big stretch after because my muscles are warmed up enough to stretch them to a larger extent :)

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Anonymous: Do you like girls?!

No I like boiz

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Anonymous: I think the fact you don't need a man in your life to make you happy makes you so much more sexy I don't know I can't explain it all I know is I wish I was going to be the extremely lucky guy that makes you his

Aww oh my gosh haha thanks so much :) this made me smile

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