Anonymous: With your leg day workout circuit, it's says 250 lunges and I was wondering if I do them with rests inbetween them. I love the fitness plan btw :) xx

Yeah do rests! It’s up to you, don’t stress your muscles too much xx

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ak-aii: Hi babes! Okay so I know you must get hundreedds of these but it would mean a lot to me if you checked out my blog!? I adore your blog and your so sweet and gorgeous!!! Omg your name is soo pretty btw I wish mine was exotic like that hahah. Anyway thank you! xxx

Awww I love you!! And your blog is so cute! You’re sooo nice xxx

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Anonymous: Do you know any good movies ? I watched devil wears Pravda and that was really good do you know any movies Ike that or Just some chic flicks? Hahaha

I love that movie! Umm I love miss congeniality, and the legally blonde movies are always good haha um I can’t think

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pureluxxury: Wow, you're good looking!

Aww thank you!!

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florael-e: omg i brought Karma Scrub after seeing it on your instagram and it is the actual best thing ! 👌👌

Told ya! It’s the best hey! I love it, I use it every time I shower hahaha x

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